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UBA Health Plan Survey

What is the Health Plan Survey?

The 2014 Health Plan Survey report was based upon the responses of 9,950 employers and 16,467 health plans nationwide- the largest of its kind. The purpose of the survey is to provide employers with comparative data regarding plan costs, employee contributions and plan designs that will allow them to benchmark their plan against those of similar employers.

That evaluation can be based on employers with similar numbers of employees, employers in a similar industry or employers in a similar geographic area. A significant strength of this study is its unique ability to support subgroup analyses.

How do employers benefit?

The national scope of the survey allows for employers to compare themselves to similar companies based on region, industry and employee size. The exceptionally large number of included plans allows for both a broader range of categories compared to other reports and a larger number of respondents in each category. This is especially true for the small and midsize companies that comprise the overwhelming majority of health plans in the country.

What questions will the results answer?

Comparing data from the UBA Health Plan Survey can help you gauge a wide range of factors regarding your health plan offerings, such as:

-Are company premiums above or below the norm?
-Are the levels of contributions you require your employees to pay in line with our competitors?
-Are co-pays, deductibles, coinsurance and out-of-pocket maximums for your plans inline with averages for your geography, industry and size?
-How do your annual premium increases compare with other employers in your area?
-How do your prescription drug benefits compare?
-Are you in step with the cost-containment strategies being implemented successfully by other companies in our industry?

If you are interested in participating in the 2015 Health Plan Survey click below.*

Participate in the 2015 Survey

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