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2016 UBA Benefit Opinions Survey

It's one of the best client retention and prospecting tools available for you and your Firm!


Have you ever wondered which benefits strategies are actually being implemented (rather than just talked about) and which ones are really working? Then you need to participate in the 2016 UBA Benefit Opinions Survey!


As a participant, you will receive a complimentary electronic copy of the survey results. These results will provide you with critical benchmarks that will allow you to compare your attitudes and strategies regarding employer-provided health care with those of your peers and competitors. The results you receive are exclusive to participants of this survey and are NOT available to other employers! If you are interested in discussing these results, or any other aspect of your benefits strategies, please call us at (281) 810-4900.

Kainos Partners, in conjunction with United Benefit Advisors, an exclusive partnership of elite independent benefit advisors in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. serving 36,000 employers and 5 million employees,is conducting this nationwide survey of employer-sponsored health care plans in five key areas: Health Plan Strategies, Benefits Philosophy and Opinion, Health Plan Management, Personal Health Management and Employee Communications.

Click Here to Take The Survey


The survey is Web-based and takes only a few short minutes by following the simple instructions. CLICK HERE to take the survey.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you select your UBA Partner Firm from the drop down menu in the survey.

To be included in the results, your responses must be submitted no later than Wednesday, April 20, 2016.

You must include a valid business email address in order to receive your copy of the results. Your email address in no way identifies your information and will be used for no purpose other than sending the results. Results will NOT be sent to personal email accounts (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc.). Your email address will not be sold and all data will be maintained in the strictest confidence.

If you have any questions regarding the survey, please call us at (281) 810-4900. Thank you in advance for your participation!