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The 2012 UBA Health Plan Survey

As health care plan offerings and the federal regulatory environment become more complex, benchmarking data such as the 2012 UBA Health Plan Survey have become increasingly critical for employers looking to manage their health care benefit programs effectively.

“The intent of the survey is to provide employers of all sizes with the data they need to manage their health care benefit programs effectively,” says Scott G. Smeaton, RMC, CIC, Executive Vice President, Kainos Insurance Inc.   “Large employers will find the United Benefit Advisors (UBA) Health Plan Survey provides more participants and data in their category than other industry survey. And for employers with fewer than 1,000 employees (which represents more than 99 percent of the employers in the U.S.) and for employers who have operations in multiple locations, this survey is the only source of reliable regional – and in many cases, state – health plan benchmarks by size and industry.”

With more Member Firms located in virtually all U S markets, UBA uniquely provides employers of all sizes the data they need to remain competitive in their local markets. The 2012 UBA Health Plan Survey won’t be available to the public until Nov. 1. Employers can get inside access to the hundreds of thousands of pages of granular state, regional and industry data through a free benchmarking report offered by contacting Kainos Insurance Inc.

With responses from 17,905 health plans sponsored by 11,711 employers nationwide, the 2012 UBA Health Plan Survey is the nation’s largest and most comprehensive survey of plan design and plan cost benchmarks. As the largest survey of its kind, the UBA Health Plan Survey defines benchmarks by a greater number of specific industries, regions and employer size categories than is available from any other resource. The 2011 UBA Benefit Opinions Survey(which delineates employers’ positions and opinions on Health Care Strategy, Health Benefits Philosophy and Opinion, Health Plan Management, Personal Health Management, Employee Communication, and Scope of Benefits Offered) serves as a companion piece to the 2012 UBA Health Plan Survey.

At Kainos Insurance Inc, we believe your benefits plan should build value in your business, not drain your profits.   We also believe that when we ask good questions, talk to employees, and apply what we’ve learned over the last 20 years, we can help you consistently and dramatically beat today’s high premium increases.

What We Do: At Kainos Insurance Inc., we focus on results – with an average client premium renewal close to 5% in 2010.  To get there, we provide a powerful blend of improved communication, state of the art technologies, and strategies proven to increase plan efficiency.  Our approach, called the Real Bottom Line™, is a time-tested process that addresses all the true drivers of cost and quality – including utilization, plan design, and plan funding.

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