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The Health of Gratitude | Texas Employee Benefits Agency



The Health of Gratitude | Texas Employee Benefits Agency

The month of November has a central focus on the holiday, Thanksgiving. Linked with this holiday is the emotion of gratitude. We want to take a closer look at this emotion and see how it is linked to better health and give you some practical tips on how to increase the size of your gratitude bucket. The Definition of Gratitude The emotion of gratitude is…

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5 Ways to Say Thank You | Houston Insurance Agents

As we begin our new year of 2019, we have also closed 2018 with lots of celebrations, gift-giving, and family time. Showing appreciation for others during this generous season comes second nature for some but for others, it doesn’t.  You may be looking for ideas on how to express your gratitude effectively to those around you and so we’ve compiled a list of five unique…

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