Dana Harris


About Dana

Graduating from Southern Arkansas University in May 1988 with a BBA in Accounting, Dana’s skillset has been in demand ever since. Active in the Houston area for almost 30 years, Dana feels fortunate to have learned from a variety of industries, including oil & gas, airline, warehousing, consulting, and project development. These experiences worked together to inspire the kind of flexibility that insurance demands. Armed with these valuable skills, Dana’s transition into the insurance industry was pleasant and gave her the opportunity to broaden her professional network.

When at home, Dana continues to stay busy. Scrap-booking, quilting, and reading are some of her favorite pastimes. Recently she has become inspired by gardening and consequently has joined the Columbia County Master Gardeners. She lives in McNeil Arkansas with her husband Ron in a house full of happy pets, surrounded by good books.


Dana graduated from Southern Arkansas University in 1998 with a BBA in Accounting. Working ever since, Dana has had an adventurous career. Before working at Kainos Partners, she was active in many industries including oil & gas, the airline service industry, warehousing, private consulting, and project development. She enjoys the insurance industry and is happy to work with those in it.

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