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Pitfalls of Noncompliance: Part 2

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by Chris Kilbourne

Yesterday, we presented a number of OSHA enforcement actions that demonstrate the pitfalls of noncompliance. Today, we conclude with some more employers who were snagged in OSHA’s inspection and enforcement actions.

Contractor Improperly Removed Asbestos

Asbestos remediation company (New York)
OSHA Region 2

Safety and health violations: According to OSHA, the company was cited for nine alleged violations, including one willful violation, while removing roofing material containing asbestos.

Penalty: $83,000 fine

Bottler Cited After Worker Death

Bottling company (Florida)
OSHA Region 4

Serious and willful violations: According to OSHA, the worker was cleaning glass from under the hoist of a palletizing machine when an employee restarted the palletizer. The bottling company had failed to train temporary employees on using locks and tags to prevent the accidental start-up of machines and to ensure its own employees used procedures to lock and tag out machines.

Penalty: $192,000 proposed fine

Workers Face Electrocution in Confined Space

Cosmetics manufacturing firm (Connecticut)
OSHA Region 1

Serious violations: According to OSHA, the employer failed to develop and implement an electrical safety–related work practices program for employees performing live electrical diagnostic work. The employer also failed to supply PPE to employees performing live troubleshooting. Additionally, maintenance personnel had not been trained regarding safe electrical work practices and PPE. OSHA also identified deficiencies in the plants confined space entry program.

Penalty: $53,561 proposed fine

Untrained Forklift Operator Injures Worker

Tradeshow contractor (Illinois)
OSHA Region 5

Willful violation: According to OSHA, an employee from another company severely injured his foot when he was struck by a contactor’s worker operating a forklift. One willful violation was cited for failing to ensure that powered industrial truck operators were trained. A willful violation is one committed with intentional, knowing, or voluntary disregard for the law’s requirements, or plain indifference to employee safety and health.

Penalty: $91,000 fine

Numerous Violations at Manufacturing Facility

Aluminum die cast manufacturer (Texas)
OSHA Region 6

Serious violations: According to OSHA, the serious violations included failing to provide the required machine guard for saws and covers on rotating belts and pulleys and failure to ensure that electrical wiring was properly installed and electrical cords were properly maintained. Additionally, slip, trip, and fall hazards were cited due to wet floors, uncovered floor holes, and lack of fall protection equipment for workers climbing machinery during repairs.

Penalty: $112,500 fine

Retailer Fined for Exposing Workers to Hazards

Retail chain (Massachusetts)
OSHA Region 1

Safety violations: According to OSHA, workers at the store were at risk of being struck by boxes that fell from stacks of stock in the back room. The stacks were not secured against collapse or displacement. Additionally, the emergency exit route was compromised by boxes of stock narrowing the route to the extent that it could prevent workers from swiftly and safely exiting the building during a fire or other emergency. The employer was previously cited for similar hazards.

Penalty: $55,000 fine

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