Population Health Management

Population Health Management is an area of consulting where we proactively seek ways to reduce the actual risk associated with your benefit programs.

Many of the activities surrounding employee benefit consulting are simply ways to shift or price risk such as carrier requests for proposals and employee contribution analysis.

Through the development of an integrated population health management program, we begin to actively reduce healthcare risk and thus lower costs both in the short-term and long-term.

This health risk of your employee population ultimately determines your costs on many items, the least of which is medical insurance premiums and claims. Ultimately, the level of the overall health of your employees directly impacts every facet of your organization. Even the experts disagree on how to measure this impact, but the fact that it exists is certain.

By deploying the same strategies that 1% of employers currently use, clients of Kainos significantly reduce their risks and costs.

Disease Management

Disease Management is an area of employee benefit administration dedicated to supplying the unhealthy minority of employees with the tools and resources they need to lead more productive and healthy lives. These programs have been delivered to employer groups for years through the insurance carrier marketplace.

However, there is a growing trend towards a more intensive model of disease management. These more intensive models tend to not be insurance carrier based, but rather driven by employers. The reason is simple; insurance carriers are providing broad based solutions that the overall marketplace will find of value.

For the 1% of employers that really want to get their hands dirty and create a healthier workforce, there are additional strategies with a proven track record of positive return on investment. In fact, one municipal employer leveraged our ideas and services to experience 0% healthcare increase over a 5 year period! Ultimately disease management is all about each individual employer. At Kainos, we are poised to assist even the most aggressive, cutting-edge efforts of employers interested in reducing the actual risks associated with their employee population.