Value Based Benefit Design

Value based benefit design (VBBD) medical plans continue to rise in popularity. For our best clients, these plans have proven successful in delivering an average healthcare increase of 5% over the past few years.

The most effective of these plan designs have wellness and disease management as core components. These plans can be as easy or complex as the company desires.

The overall goal of a VBBD is to engage employees to perform certain screenings and make healthcare purchase decisions that are not only good for their health, but also improve a company’s bottom line. By properly aligning wellness screenings and other activities with incentives for employees on your healthcare plans, a company can effectively motivate employees.Unfortunately, many insurance carriers and vendors have not fully evolved their actual healthcare plans to accommodate for this shift in market preference.

For employers interested in pursuing this path, Kainos can help make their vision a reality.

Our internal administrative platform allows for accurate administration of even the most challenging medical benefit plan designs.

Further, our consultants are fully educated and experienced in the implementing and administering of such plans; therefore we aren’t learning how they work with your company. Kainos can show you the path to success, based upon the prior success of many clients who went before you.