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Staying compliant doesn’t have to be challenging.

Meeting employee needs is a challenge. Meeting the government’s is critical. Knowing your compliance obligations will minimize your risk.

In an ever increasing regulatory environment, Kainos Partners is committed to helping clients understand and comply with legal requirements pertaining to employer sponsored benefit plans. We believe compliance is really more of an ongoing process than a milestone to reach, pass and leave behind. Compliance involves federal regulatory laws that govern the design, maintenance and operation of employee benefits plans. These laws must be addressed by benefits specialists, HR managers, and company executives in all industries, regardless of size. In addition, there are laws that govern the hiring and firing of employees. All of these laws carry some penalty, fine, or legal action for noncompliance.

Whether you’re hiring employees, approving family medical leaves, offering COBRA, monitoring HIPAA Security, handling workers’ compensation issues, merging returning veterans back into the workforce, preparing 5500 reports, or setting up a 401(k) plan, keeping up with benefits and employment laws is challenging at best.

That’s why Kainos offers these services to help our clients stay compliant at all times.

HRinsider News Web Portal

A web-based resource designed to help keep you informed and in compliance.

HR Elements Newsletter

A monthly newsletter highlighting the latest compliance and HR-related trends and topics.

Compliance Alert and Newsletter

Keeps you informed about the changes in major health care law and potential violations.


Get first-hand knowledge of compliance and labor laws from some of the nation’s leading legal experts.

Legal Resources

Credible answers from a leading labor law firm in a practical and business-oriented approach.


Easy-to-navigate web portal provides a wealth of timely information and tools to track progress on compliance tasks.


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