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(Experience + Expertise) x (Strong Client Relationships + Meaningful Results) = The Kainos Formula
The ROI Experience
Expect More from Your Advisor!

Kainos Partners provides our clients with the consulting and financial services they value and trust to help reach their goals. Our team is committed to our vision of providing excellent service, integrity and leadership in employee benefits and personal financial services.

Our ‘secret ingredient’ comes from our wealth of industry knowledge and expertise, and is the catalyst for building strong client relationships and obtaining meaningful results. We focus on meaningful outcomes for each of our individual clients.

As an independent and privately owned firm, we have the freedom to put our clients’ interests first. We value each client and focus on building long lasting relationships

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At Our Core

Kainos is Innovative


In-no-va-tion – “the introduction of new things or methods”

For innovation to take place, it is necessary for people to change the way they make decisions, they must choose to do things differently, make choices outside of their norm. Kainos Partners is committed to finding new solutions and methods to address the problems and needs of our clients.

Kainos leverages a team of expert advisors to produce meaningful impact for your company


Ex-per-tise – “skill or knowledge in a particular area”

Experience, capabilities and knowledge are necessary elements to solve difficult and complex problems. The team at Kainos Partners brings together the shared experience and knowledge that comes from over 50 years of helping our clients make knowledgeable choices.

The ROI Experience exposes the real value you are missing with your existing provider


Val-ue – “a fair return for something exchanged”

At Kainos Partners, our clients hire us when it is clear to them that we bring a greater degree of value than they are currently experiencing. Our unique processes help us demonstrate that value.

Resources You Can Depend On

Our expert advisors work hard to provide dependable and relevant knowledge consistently to our website visitors and clients. Take a look at a few of the linked resources below to stay up-to-date on all of the latest industry news and trends.KainosBlog

The Kainos Team

Kainos Partners encourages having an impact through giving passionately and compassionately


At Kainos Partners, we believe that every great company must be driven by a purpose, cause or belief that inspires it’s team to come to work every day and passionately do what they do. That is the vision behind KainosCares™. It is a vision that the growth of a company corporately, and it’s team individually, will ultimately be determined by what they invest back into causes that are making a great impact.

We invite each of our team members to nominate an organization that they feel is making a positive difference in their community or around the world. Please revisit this page in the future to see the organizations and causes that our team supports through KainosCares™.